Fiberglass Dam 3600L

Fiberglass  3600l Fish Tank

2000mm top diameter

1400mm high


Fiberglass Dam 3600L


Colour Options:

  • White
  • Black
  • Cloud Grey
  • Strong Blue
  • Sandstone

Due to colour options, all components are made-to-order and requires at

least 5 working days lead time from date of deposit. For larger orders, lead times are negotiated upfront.

Product Details

All grow beds and fish tanks are made of fiberglass and food safe resin that does not give off any chemicals or residue. Glass fiber is made of strands of normal glass that is also safe for food ad fish. The benefits of fiberglass-based components are that they are strong, and the sides will not buckle under pressure from water or gravel media and requires no additional sidewall supports.