Lappies Complete Modular Aquaponics Unit - All in one Kit

Modular Aquaponic unit for sustainable food production.

Can feed family of 4-6 people

Size – 3m x 3m


Lappies Complete Modular Aquaponics Unit - All in one Kit


This is Lappies:  a Modular Urban Aquaponic Eco system.

I developed this system especially as a starting point for any one, irrespective of skills, to be able to do aquaponics and produce food.

The Lappies™ system consist of 3 x grow beds, and one dam which contain the fish.

The system fit on a 9m2 footprint

If managed correctly you will be able to harvest up to 120 useable crops every four weeks.  And 2 fish a week. The system can support a family of 4-6 people on a continuous basis providing protein and fresh vegetables.

How does it work? Aquaponics is a symbiotic system where fish and plants grow and live together The dam are filled with water and fish are placed in the dam, due to the excrete produced by the fish the water will at some point start to get toxic. Thus you will have to clean the water or put it through filter system. Now that’s exactly what the growbeds are all about.

The growbeds are filled with 19mm granite rock which create surface area for good bacteria to grow. The water are now pumped from the dam to the growbeds where all the nasty stuff are converted into useable nutrients for the plants that are now planted directly into the rock in the grow beds. And yes, there are no soil, only rock.

The plants grow lavishly as they are receiving continuous nutrients and in the process clean the water. The clean water go back to the fish dam, where the fish loves the new clean water and fresh oxygen which are there basic need for growth. Aquaponics uses a notable smaller amount of water to grow the plants and therefor contributes to sustainable farming, because you reuse the same water all over and over again.

What do you get when you by the Lappies™ kit:?

The “Kit” Includes a dam for fish at the bottom containing 1500L and can handle up 30kg of live fish.
On top, covering the dam, are three 2m x 750mm aggregate, flood and drain grow beds. The grow beds are supplied without rock. All the rest of the accessories are included, siphons, rock guards pre-cut and connected pipes and the pump. The pump is 220v for mains, and additional solar version is also available. You will also receive a USB stick with all the assembly information and some nice startup info on plants and products. Instruction the App to be used with the Lappies™ unit is also included.

These grow beds can be increased as you want to expand but as part of the kit only three are included

I support the global focus of developing sustainable food production solutions with the feature of our planet at heart. You can grow leafy greens like lettuce, spring onion, and fruit bearing plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, melons and peppers, or even herbs in your aquaponics garden.

This is an ideal modular unit for private residences, Rural Areas, Schools, NGO`s, Retirement villages and Mines communities and or Township Communities

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